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Are you ready to bring your business into Facebook? Websites and blogs are important but they don't have social reach. Question: When a potential customer leaves a comment or asks a question on your website, are all of their friends notified? Of course not, but that's exactly what happens on Facebook. It's that social reach ability that allows your interaction with a few to reach thousands of relevant people.

Dave & Janes Crab House
Sleighter's Furniture
Blue Gray Cup
Battlefield Blast
Ronney Brown Racing
Annville Inn B & B
Warrior Nation Public
Warrior Nation Private
Morrow Farrar Jewelers
Freedom Landscapes
Make N Waves Swimming Pools
Teacher's Pet Fishing

Why a Fan Page?

By the Numbers - Here's 4 reasons why your business needs a FB page.

  1. Pages allow a business to "Publish to the Stream" (this shows up on your fans homepage)
  2. Pages allow a business to engage fans with Rich Media (video, pictures, events)
  3. Pages let a business analyze how fans are interacting with the Insights Dashboard (deep analytics)
  4. Pages let a business increase SEO (pages are indexed by search engines and show up in higher Google keyword searches)

Why should you have one?

You might have come across companies using Facebook business pages, liked the idea and wondered 'how on earth do I get one of these' as there are no obvious buttons to click to set one up.

Why should you have one? A Facebook business page is a fantastic tool for business because it places your company right at the heart of the world's most popular social network, it will help your business connect and engage with customers, meet new ones and will help spread your business message via the friend network. Plus the search engines love them.

Similar to a personal profile page, you'll be able to post status updates on your wall telling your 'fans' about developments in your service/product offering, provide insight into the people behind the 'brand', engage in conversation and light banter. You'll be able to post company information, links to websites, pages and blogs, post pictures and videos, ask questions via discussions and announce events. It's like having your very own mobile broadcast vehicle that zips around the world. Best of all because your Facebook business page is 'opt-in' your group of fans will be dedicated to your cause.

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