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Is your website turning away business? The Internet is now part of everyday life and more and more people are using it to find and buy services and products. Our website efficiency review will answer the following question about your current website.

  • Is your website accessable?
  • How do you rank with the leading search engines?
  • What's your current traffic like, how do users find your site?
  • Are there any web usability issues preventing users from viewing your site?
  • How long do average users stay once they visit your site?
  • Does your site work cross platform? What about mobile?
  • Overall how does your current website rate?

We find that reviewing a website’s performance is critical to keeping it aligned with company business goals. Here’s a question: When was the last time you looked at your website from your customer’s perspective? Is it promoting your organization’s story?

We will analyze your website’s performance, send you a detailed breakdown of that performance, talk with you one on one to review your website’s strengths and areas that need improvement and produce your a website improvement plan for your site.

Our analysis explores the following: From where are visitors coming? Why are visitors leaving? What pages are can be built upon and what pages need trimming? How do we get more visitors? We also take this time to hear about your latest business news and developments so we can discuss ways to make sure they are included in your site.

Our Website Efficiency Reviews for an average site costs $295 or... Subscribe to a small business plan or a comprehensive account management plan and a yearly review is included. Contact us at:

If your interested in any of our services or have any questions please contact

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I already have a domain name?
A: We can use that domain name, or we can help you find another one.

Q: What if I already have a Web site?
A: We'll work with your existing site or we can start from scratch, the choice is yours.

Q: How many pages will my site be?
A: We'll create a site that suits your needs, if it's 5 pages or 500 pages. You'll get what makes sense for your business.

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